Parking of vehicles Cargo trucks Personal cars/SUVs/microbuses
For one day 10,00 lv. 7,00 lv.
For two days 18,00 lv. 9,00 lv.
For three days 25,00 lv. 10,00 lv.
For four days 32,00 lv. 11,00 lv.
For five days 40,00 lv. 12,00 lv.
For six to seven days 45,00 lv. 14,00 lv.
For eight to ten days 60,00 lv. 20,00 lv.
For eleven to thirty days 80,00 lv. 35,00 lv.

Remark: For periods longer than one month and signing of a contract, prices are subject to negotiation.