Offered services

Company Intershipping LTD offers the following services to its customers:

  • Storage areas - open and covered
  • The terminal, located in the North Industrial Zone of the city of Burgas, provides open /over 50 000 sq. m./ and covered /over 4000 sq. m./ storage areas, which are under 24/7 security protection, and are suitable for the reception of all kinds of bulk, palettized and mixed non-ADR cargos.

    Intershipping LTD organizes and performs various types of transshipment operations, which expand the opportunities for the manufacturing or storage activities of its customers. The company-owned equipment is suitable for the handling of palettized and bulk cargos, including big bags. There is an auto-scales (up to 80 tons) located in close proximity to the terminal. If necessary we can also provide equipment for the handling of containers and oversized cargos.

  • Parking for transport vehicles and personal cars
  • The terminal provides parking space for transport vehicles and personal cars. If you have a large fleet of vehicles, we offer you the capability to keep them parked in one place, under 24/7 security. There are truck repairshops at your disposal at the terminal, as well as a tyre-exchange and repair center.

    The prices for parking at the terminal can be found HERE.

  • Transport and spedition
    • transport of standard cargos and cargos under temperature regime;
    • transport services with refrigerated trailers on the relation Burgas - Sofia: daily departures based on timely service requests;
    • complete combined solutions for the transportation of oversized cargos;
    • sea and river transport.

    The routes that we cover are Bulgaria, the European Union, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, the Near and Middle East, Central Asia and Russia.

  • European Union-funded projects and Quality Management Systems
  • Company Intershipping LTD offers development, management and consultation of European Union-funded projects.
    Our company also offers development, implementation and internal auditing of Quality Management Systems – ISO 9001:2015.

    You can send your inquiry by e-mail
    or call us at (00359) 56 844 279